Halal Vegetarianism

网站的这一部分展示了素食主义和伊斯兰教是如何兼容的,以及转变为素食饮食对动物有何帮助,the Earth,还有你自己的健康。

Pork in Your Milk??

Are you eating"清真meat?你知道你的羊很可能在饲料中吃过鸡吗?Or that your dairy cows have probably had pork bones in their feed?A new article shows that this problem extends beyond meat in America – even animals in the Islamic world are fed these products.


The Qur'an is clear about the special lives of animals:

你看不出真主是谁赞美天上和地上所有的生命,都要庆祝,展开翅膀的鸟呢?Each one knows its own (mode of) prayer and praise,真主很清楚他们所做的一切。苏拉24:41

There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth,nor a being that flies on its wings,but (forms part of) communities like you.Nothing have We omitted from the Book,and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end.Sura 6:38

The Qur'an tells us that animals are communities and nations unto their own and that they are more than mere resources.然而,在今天的世界里,动物只被当作机器。factory farms."Not only are these factory farms found in the West,they are also becoming the dominant means of meat,egg,and milk production throughout the world.More than 20 billion animals are slaughtered for food each year worldwide.这些数十亿的动物被限制在非常小的空间内,这样生产者就可以饲养尽可能多的动物。Ninety percent of U.S.鸡蛋是从五只鸡挤到一个唱片封面大小的笼子里,and this method of egg production is spreading throughout the globe.

Chickens have their beaks cuts off with hot irons;牛脱毛了,castrated,and branded,and their tails are cut off without anesthetics.Dairy cows are also confined to tiny stalls and kept constantly pregnant through artificial insemination.All animals on factory farms suffer.

The overcrowding of the factory farm causes many animals to become psychotic and to mutilate themselves because of boredom or stress.为了对抗在如此拥挤的环境中猖獗的疾病,工厂的农民经常给动物喷洒杀虫剂并注射抗生素。To fatten them quickly and inexpensively,动物被注射生长激素。Residues from these drugs and chemicals are passed on to those who consume the flesh.

These practices violate the Prophet's (SAWS) teachings to cause no pain to an animal before she or he is slaughtered.In addition,穆罕默德(锯)禁止切割尾巴和其他残害,as well as branding animals on the face (which is still practiced by some ranchers).

在运输过程中,animals raised for food are typically denied food and water,are overcrowded,没有受到任何元素的保护,and can often languish for days while waiting to be slaughtered.Many chickens have their wings broken during transport,许多动物在运输卡车里窒息而死。先知(锯)说,不应该让动物等着被屠宰,and Hazrat Umar (RA) once flogged a man who refused to give a sheep water before she was slaughtered.

在屠宰的时候,经常会有更多的暴行。一个调查性的故事,regarding non-dhabiha slaughter found that cattle were being dismembered while still very much alive.But even Muslims who try to keep halal by purchasing halal meats may be supporting similar abuses.An undercover investigation into halal meat exported from India found that animals were being skinned and butchered while they frantically tried to escape or while they exhibited other clear signs of life.This despite the clear Islamic ruling that animals must clearly be dead before any skinning or butchering begins.

Factory-farmed meat also may not be halal (permissible).Cattle,sheep,chickens,其他的动物通常都是用碾碎的猪的尸体喂养的,chickens,牛along with chicken excrement and other unsavory waste products as a supplement in their food.一些穆斯林认为这很可能是哈拉姆(被禁止)的原因有两个:

  1. The animals have eaten pork.
  2. These animals could be considered carnivorous,and carnivorous animals are generally forbidden for use as food in Islam.


Muslims are charged to look after the environment.The Qur'an says,"Lo!我们向天、地、山,都投靠了。but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it.人类就这么想了。”Sura 33:72

But consuming the products of the factory farm directly leads to the destruction of the earth and the environment.It depletes the topsoil,使用大量的水,and pollutes both earth and water with sewage runoff.For more on the environmental consequences of factory farming,请看here.


Muslims are exhorted to eat good,纯的,and wholesome food.但我们现在知道,食用动物产品与许多疾病有关。People who consume animal products are 10 times more susceptible to heart disease,40%更易患癌症,在其他疾病的风险增加的情况下,including stroke,obesity,阑尾炎,osteoporosis,arthritis,diabetes,and food poisoning.此外,meat contains accumulations of pesticides and other chemicals up to 14 times more concentrated than those found in plant foods.关于食用动物产品对健康的影响,please visitthe Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Islam Does Not Require Meat-Eating

Say: ‘I find not in the Message received by me by inspiration any meat forbidden to be eaten by one who wishes to eat it"Sura 6:145

The Qur'an says only that permitted meats may be eaten if one so wishes.Nowhere in Islam are Muslims required to eat meat.Meat consumption is neither encouraged nor even recommended.

先知(saw)对动物的仁慈和《古兰经》中描述的动物的特殊位置,都没有反映在现代饲养动物作为食物的方法中。采用纯素饮食(不含肉类的饮食,dairy products,和鸡蛋)是穆斯林最容易按照道德生活的方式,环境的,伊斯兰教的健康戒律。

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"地球上没有动物,nor a being that flies on its wings,but they form communities like you.书中没有遗漏什么,他们终究要归到他们的主那里去。" -奥古兰,6:38
"凡善待神所造之物的,对自己很好。”" - The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),narrated by Abdallah bin Amru in Bukhari and Muslim collections